My name is Erik, and I'm a digital marketing expert in Austin, TX. I'm currently running the SEM and CRO operations for ICG America.

Digital Marketing

For fifteen years, I've run digital marketing campaigns. Lately, I've been in charge of revenue growth at ICG America, generating $50 million in direct-to-consumer sales.

Finding creative ways to combine cutting-edge tools, deep targeting and personalized messaging is what drives me each day at work. It's what has allowed me to build, scale and maintain high-performing acquisition campaigns. Whatever the marketing channel, my approach is always the same: use a data-driven approach with a dash of automation to quickly scale successful marketing campaigns.

Recently I've created an automated reporting system using Google Sheets and the Analytics & Ads API add-ons. I've also taken our CRO program in-house and we're running 3-5 large scale tests each month.

Other Stuff

Outside of work you'll usually find me with my family. I love spending time with them and watching my son grow up.

Car Photography

If I somehow have any free time after that I love shooting pictures of cars around Austin, TX. I'll try and visit Coffee With Cars in Dripping Springs during the warmer months. I also do freelance photography for Bring a Trailer auctions.


If I can find the time I always enjoy teaching myself new web technologies. Currently I'm relearning SCSS after spending some time with Tailwind. I love Tailwind, but plain CSS has become so powerful, it's really fun to be working with it again.

Occasionally I'll publish something to GitHub. If you're intersted in the backend, of this site, why not check out the repo.

Contact Me

Looking for help with car photography or have questions about digital marketing? Fill out the form and I'll get back to you ASAP.