Hey there.

For fifteen years, I've run digital marketing campaigns. Lately, I've been in charge of revenue growth at ICG America, generating $50 million in direct-to-consumer sales.

Oh yeah, I also shoot car photography.

Recent Posts

Google Chrome Won't Use Optimized Images

I just about pulled my hair out figuring out why Chrome wouldn't load WebP or AVIF images when using <srcset>.


Dynamic Bookmarks in Google Chrome

I needed a simple way to automatically create date ranges for bookmarks in Google Chrome


My Last Lens Update, Ever

2 camera bodies and 11 lenses later, I've finally settled on a complete setup. I'm going full Batis


Sigma Art Ruined Me

On a whim I decided to try out a few of Sigma's Art Lenses. Now I have to own one. I'm blown away


Lens Change - From 3 to 1

I'm currently loaded up with three awesome Sony Zeiss lenses. But it's time to downsize to one long zoom


Car Photography Update

I've started shooting lots of cars for Bring a Trailer auctions. That means I'm in need of a lens upgrade!


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