Car photography pricing in Austin, TX.

If you're looking to hire a car photographer near you, look no further. Select a photography and videography package below, or contact me for custom pricing!


A great option for an online auction or for-sale listing.


Full set of photos
Professional editing
Delivery within 5 business days


Step it up with a highly detailed set of photos.


Suite of detailed photos
Professional editing
Delivery within 3 business days


Looking for something a bit different? Let's chat.


Custom composite images
Remote locations
Large collections

I also shoot videos!

Incorporating a video into your online car auction listing can be a game-changer, significantly boosting interest and perceived value. Video allows potential buyers to experience the vehicle in motion, providing a comprehensive view of its performance, handling, and condition.

I'll use DJI action cameras and dual, high SPL microphones to accurately capture the intake and exhaust noises from your vehicle while in motion.

Let's Shoot Some Video!

Enhance your online for sale listing or auction with a trio of videos to show off your vehicle.


Cold start video
Walk around video
Driving video

If you're ready to work together, so am I!

I'm also available for a
call or text at (512) 609-0471 .