Coffee With Cars May 2019

After picking up a Sony 24-105mm lens, I head to Coffee With Cars.

Front end of a C7 Z07 Corvette
Front end of a C7 Z07 Corvette

It’s NOT Cars and Coffee

After my move from three lenses to one large zoom, I wanted to test it out. Every month, Greater Goods hosts a car show in Dripping Springs, TX. It’s a great mix of vehicles, some new, some old, some trucks.

The 24-105mm Sony for full frame E-mount lenses is such a great and versatile lens for car photography. If you’re okay with the limited, minimum aperture of f/4, it’s the perfect zoom. 24mm is just enough to grab nice interiors, 105mm gives you great depth of field, even at f/4.

If I had to stick one one lens for car photography for the rest of my life, it’s the 24-105 for sure.

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