LIT Show 2020 Part 1

Day one at LIT Show 2020 takes us to CPR Classic, Wholesale California and the Sierra Madre Collection open house.

If you’re like me and have never heard of the LIT Show, it’s a Porsche literature, toy and memorabilia show that takes place each year in Southern California. But that description from their website is selling it short. It’s really a week long Porsche fest. Lots of cars everywhere, some for sale and most shops open their doors to enthusiasts. It’s Porsche week in LA and it’s glorious.

CPR Classic

Our trip started with a visit to CPR Classic in Fallbrook, CA. CPR has been in the Porsche restoration business for 40 years. Their facility is massive, spanning across multiple buildings. Each building holding numerous customer cars awaiting restoration.

Wholesale California

Once we finished at CPR Classic, we hopped in our van and drove through beautiful LA (read: we sat in traffic) and made our way over to Wholesale California. Wholesale California is an auto dealer in Costa Mesa, CA. They’ve been in business for fifteen years locating great collector barn finds. Their storefront is unique to say the least. It’s obviously a small home that was converted. Most of the cars for sale are stored in the backyard. I don’t mean to say it’s bad in anyway, it’s unique. There was a choice Viper Green 911 hot rod that seemed well executed.

Sierra Madre Collection

Last on our list for day one was a trip to Sierra Madre Collection for their LIT Show open house. Located in Eagle Rock, CA, Sierra Madre Collection is a 15,000 sqft warehouse offering Porsche parts for nearly every model ever made. In addition to off the shelf parts, they’re also in the business of manufacturing parts that enthusiasts need to complete their restorations.

We arrived to the open house later in the day, so we missed some vehicles, but it was still a strong showing. The McCoppin 4.0 hot rod build caught my eye. I think it was a little over the top design wise, but still executed wonderfully. There were so many neat, intricate details. I wish I could have spent more time with it.

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