Gray 1965 Backdraft Cobra

I finally get to meet my hero. I've wanted a Backdraft for as long as I've been shooting cars, and what a specimen!

Since I’m a car nut, it’s easy to dream about what I’d have in my collection with limitless funds. It’s harder to filter that collection down to one car I may actually be able to own. Without ever driving one, I’ve always assumed that car to be a Backdraft Cobra.

For those that don’t know, Backdraft Cobra’s are built in South Africa and use a custom built chassis with E36 suspension components mated to a Ford based drivetrain. Engine options are usually a 427 or Mustang Coyote.

This example was a beautiful flat gray with black stripes and teal accents. It also had the “B” option which adds black accent trim and is my favorite look for a Backdraft. For an engine the owner opted for an Iconic built, Ford Racing 427, absolutely brutal and awesome. It’s very close to the exact spec I would use for my own build.

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