1976 Ice Metallic Green 930 Turbo

My first shoot for Bring a Trailer is a pristine 930 Turbo.

930 Turbo in Ice Metallic Green
930 Turbo in Ice Metallic Green

Ice Cold

A friend with a rather large Porsche collection decided to start focusing strictly on air-cooled, early 911’s. So unfortunately, his two 930 Turbo’s had to go.

He knew that I had a camera and asked if I was interested in shooting the car for a “Bring a Trailer” auction. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. We met early morning at a nearby church.

Looking back at this shoot years later, there are so many things I would have done differently. The rear of some of the shots are far too busy, 35mm is too wide to shoot the exterior, I could go on and on.

But no matter what, 930’s are one of my favorite Porsches, and in this color, who cares what the photos look like?


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